Our Story

This is how it all started... 

I never dreamt about being an entrepreneur.


In my mid 20s, I was called to share with as many people as possible the daily habits, practices and mindsets that empowered me in creating a life on my own terms.

As a freedom seeker, I believe that you have the power, and responsibility, to design your own life. As the artist that you are, you have the ability to turn your life into a work of art. 

Following that belief, I began studying how to envision and put into practice what it takes to create a happy and a meaningful life. To understand what skills and routines need to be cultivated to take a vision and turn it into a reality.

It didn’t take long until I started walking my talk — living abroad, working in a dream-like company called Mindvalley, traveling often to exotic destinations, and surrounding myself with world changers.

Yes, it sounds perfect… And yet, something inside was incomplete. It felt like I was meant to be something else, and the time to make a new self upgrade was NOW.

One day, out of desperation, I reached out to the Creator. You see, my prayer is always a prayer of gratitude, but this time I asked for help. I am ready to serve and I need to know what next step I should take in life.

Nothing happened… until I surrendered.

In the following weeks, visions of the future me would unexpectedly popped into my mind. This was the moment I realized that the impact I want to have in the world is to teach people how to discover and unlock their inner power, so we can live fully, and ultimately, be free.

I poured down the science-based practices and created a support system that allows you to become the Creator of your own life by embracing the power of gratitude, goal setting, mindfulness, reflection, and self-development.

* And so My Life Journal was born.

Decided to turn this vision into reality, I went back home to Portugal to give birth to My Life Journal.

From my heart to yours, I sincerely hope you use your My Life Journal to experience your most wildly, loving life, and create the best version of yourself.


Ana Juma, Creator of My Life Journal

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And remember...

Life is a dance between the divine guidance and your intention. You have a big, important role to play in this journey.