11 Self-Care Practices for this Spring

spring cleaning practices

Spring symbolizes new beginnings.

During this time of transformation, it's essential to be functioning at your best, so we created a quick self-care guide for you to kickstart this fresh chapter of your life.

Remember that self-care is something we should be focusing on ALL year long. But as every season gifts us with its own peculiarities, we couldn't miss this opportunity to reinforce the importance of loving yourself throughout this time of renewal and growth.

1. Declutter your home

declutter home

It’s time to let go of what no longer serves you and make room for novelty.

Clean each space in your home and, as Marie Kondo says, "keep only what sparks joy." To keep you inspired, we recommend watching her new “Tidying Up” series on Netflix.

2. Eat more fruits and fresh veggies 

eat fruits strawberries

Treat yourself to delicious fruits and vegetables straight from the farmer to your table, if you can.

Making a conscious effort to eat more fresh greens is a lovely way to bring in that spring energy and get a boost of nutrients for your body too.

3. Be grateful for yourself

gratitude journal

Each morning, grab your journal and write down three things you're grateful for yourself.

It may be challenging at first because we tend to focus more on the negative than the positive aspects, but with practice, it will get smoother and you'll realize that there's so much to celebrate about the person you are today.

Let this be your brag zone! Be as kind to yourself as you are with those you love.

4. Create a Spring playlist on Spotify

dance good soul

Music feeds your soul.

Create a smooth, smile-inducing playlist with upbeat tunes. At the moment we're loving the "Good Vibes" playlist on Spotify. Tell me in the comments below what songs make you feel happy the most.

5. Give yourself a massage

oil massage

There are many self-care techniques for relaxation, and one of our favorites is the Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage.

This full-body warm oil massage is a a powerful recharger and rejuvenator of mind and body. Here's a great video on how to do it.

6. Build a new self-care habit

self care journal

Spring is the perfect time to start new, healthier lifestyle habits. If you're struggling with sticking to your New Year, this is an excellent opportunity to get back on track.

Examples of empowering, healthy habits you may want to adopt this Spring are journaling, meditation, go to bed earlier, learning time, and morning workout.

7. Move your body 

surf health

Go for a hike, a swim, do yoga, catch some waves, or whatever feels good for you. Move your body to strengthen your muscles, balance your mind, and tone your heart.

As your body moves your brain grooves.

Jim Kwik

8. Clean up your digital devices 

journal app

Delete apps or photos that you no longer need. Unfollow pages that show content that doesn't bring you joy. Change your wallpaper to something inspiring.

9. Spend time outdoors

friends important

Getting out into the fresh air and sunshine lift your spirits. Take the time to smell the blooming flowers and go for a walk, noticing Mother Nature awakening from a long winter nap.

Making plans with the people you love is also a crucial form of self-care. If outdoors, even better!

10. Take time to relax 

the sun and the flowers

Book a day off work, read a book, watch a movie, or do whatever you feel like doing that day — you deserve it!

In a modern fast-pace world, taking time to recharge is even more important. Proper relaxation helps you to live healthy and fully.

11. Create a new vision for the future 

vision for the future

A vision for the future helps you to pursue your dreams and achieve life goals.

Creating a vision will both inspire you to reach something you are wanting and it also empower you planning what changes you need to do today to become your future self.


Which one of the self-care practices mentioned do you enjoy the most? Type its number in the comments below!

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